Gear Review: Po Campo Armitage Diaper Bag

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It has been my pleasure to review the Armitage Diaper Bag for Po Campo.  Po Campo is a company that started with two ladies who “couldn’t find a functional bike bag to match their stylish personalities.”  They have since designed an entire line of great looking and very functional bike bags, accessories, and more.  Each is designed to attach to something securely while you ride to your destination.

One of my favorite pass times as a mother is taking a great ride with my children.  I pull them in my Chariot and I will often stop off at a store or a restaurant for errands or a great lunch break.  I have to be careful what I bring and have often stuffed my purse into the “trunk” of my Chariot, hoping it weathers the ride.  With my new Armitage Diaper bag, all my worries are taken care of. 

pocampo strollerThis bag has so many great design features, with the large interior, I can fit everything I need for my children and me on a good outing, and I can secure it right to my bike.  This way I know where it is, and I can access it when I am in need.  The buckles are very easy to use and it attaches quickly to anything.  I have even attached it to a shopping cart so I could fit more groceries in my cart. 

I take my bag everywhere.  I have really enjoyed the long shoulder strap that, when strapped across your body, you can out and out run with your bag, you know it’s secure and does not bounce like purses tend to do.  The only down side, which is also an upside, is the rigidity of the bag.  It holds its shape so you can really secure it to things, but when you have it on your body, you can really run into things and it hits harder than a normal purse or diaper bag.  My poor children have been the brunt of the bag a few times.  The upside to the rigidity is that you can find things in your purse easily because it does not collapse on you as you are searching for your keys.

I have had so many compliments on the bag since I have been using it everywhere.  Its reflective quality has come in handy several times in the evening when I have just been walking down the street.  The security of the zipper top and the button strap make it a great bag to take anywhere, and with the strap over your body, I can’t imagine anyone trying to yank it from your grasp.  All in all, what a great bag, and Po Campo has an entire line of them.  If the girl in your life is a biker, this is a great idea for Christmas! Check them out at   


Product provided for free by the manufacturer for review purposes.