Gear Review: Nite Ize BikeLit

Nite Ize BikeLit

Don’t be fooled by these little lights. I have been using these lights now for a while and they work great. One of the best features is how easy they are to install and use. The BikeLit does come in two colors: white which attaches to the front brake cables and red which attaches under the back of the seat. One nice advantage of these lights is that no tools are required to install or adjust them.

To turn them on all you have to do is squeeze the lights. This is also how you switch between modes on the lights. The lights have two modes to choose from: a steady beam or continuous flashing. The BikeLit has a L.E.D. bulb that is bright and is easy to see.

I have love having these lights to use when commuting to work or just throwing them in my pocket for an evening ride that might go a little longer than planned. The BikeLit is not for someone who is trying to light up the path down a mountain biking trail. But it is for someone who wants to be seen as well as see, down a street road.

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  • Available in Red, White and a combination pack with both colors.
  • Weather resistant
  • Easily replaceable batteries included
  • Easily attaches to any bicycle - no tools required!
  • Glow and Flash Modes
  • Battery Life: 20 hours Glow / 25 Hours Flash
  • Weight: .8 ounce / 23 grams
  • Long life, replaceable batteries included