Biologic FixKit Multi-tool gear review

BioLogic FixKit Multi-tool

Whether commuting to work or out for a leisure ride with the kids, having the right bike tool can make all the difference in a pinch. There are a lot of great options available but many are either too big or shy on features. The BioLogic FixKit multi-tool is compact, lightweight and full of features making it a great choice for anyone looking for multi-tool to have on hand. 

BioLogic FixKit

When I look for a multi-tool, I look for something that will fit in my saddlebag and not take up too much room. The FixKit is 3 inches in length, 1.5 inches wide and half an inch thick. It fits easily in a saddlebag with an extra tube and tire levers. Many of you are probably thinking, just because a tool is small doesn’t mean it is worth hauling around. And that is definitely true. But the FixKit multi-tool is more than a small tool; it is pack with features and tools to make those unexpected repairs easy. Or at least easier!

The FixKit comes with 20 commonly used tools for bicycles and the biggest tool is a 15mm wrench that works for internal gear hubs, fixie hubs and pedals. It comes with 3 sizes of spoke keys and 7 sizes of hex keys. One of the cool integrated tools is the chain tool. With the use of the included 5mm hex key, you can easily replace a bad link. It does come with the ever needed phillips and regular screw driver as well as a tire lever. But for many the most important tool might just be that bottle opener for after the long ride. 

One of the downsides to all compact tools is just that, they are small and compact. It can be a little tricky to get the leverage needed to break the pedal or nut loose. To help remedy this predicament, the inner tools rotate out giving you 5.5 inches of leverage. This might not be enough for a rusted on or otherwise stubborn nut, but it will give you enough to give it your best shot. Also the included neoprene cover can be slid over the tool use in use to give a padded handle. 

BioLoigic FixKit

I have found the BioLogic FixKit multi-tool to be a great addition to my biking tool arsenal. It now resides in the saddlebag of my road bike ready for occasional emergency repair. I would recommend this tool to anyone looking for a lightweight multi-tool for commuting or just everyday riding. At $34.95, the FixKit falls in the price range of similar bike tools and is definitely worth the money. You can read the full specs below.


• #2 Cross-head screwdriver

• Flathead screwdriver

• T25 Torx screwdriver

• 2 mm hex key

• 2.5 mm hex key

• 3 mm hex key

• 4 mm hex key

• 5 mm hex key

• 6 mm hex key

• 8 mm hex key

• Chain tool

• 10 mm crescent wrench

• Bottle opener

• Tire lever

• 3.2 mm spoke key

• 3.45 mm spoke key

• 4.0 mm spoke key

• 6 mm crescent wrench

• 8 mm crescent wrench

• 10 mm crescent wrench

• 15 mm crescent wrench

• Neoprene pouch

• Winner of a 2014 Taipei Design & Innovation Award.

• Dimensions: 14 × 40 × 77 mm (0.6 × 1.6 × 3.0”)

• Weight: 158 g (5.6 oz.)

• MSRP: $34.95