180s Tec Touch Gloves Review

180s UltraLite CRG

Almost everyone now is tied to some kind of electronic device, and lets face it most of them now have a touch screen. The problem with touch screens in the winter is normally you have to remove your glove to operate the device and that can be cold. And if you are anything like me, you will be checking emails or answering your phone even when it is cold outside. 180s has developed a few pairs of glove to solve the problem of taking of the gloves in the cold with a technology they call Tec Touch. Here I will review two of those gloves: the UltraLite CRG and Enduro.

UltraLite CRG

These gloves have become my new best friend during the cold weather here in Utah. It has been down in the low 20s the past couple of weeks and I find myself pulling the mittens off and letting my hands cool off during runs. While riding my bike, the hood or mitten part of the glove blocks the wind and keeps my hands nice and toasty. If you run or bike during the winter this will be the glove for you.

Another nice feature about these gloves is the Tec Touch. If you use an iPhone, Droid or any other touch screen device this feature comes in handy. Tec Touch lets you operate your device without taking off the glove. Sweet, right? No more freezing hands just to change the song or answer the phone.  180s has a great glove here, and if you buy it you will not be disappointed. Below are the specs for this glove.


Tec Touch™ pods on the index finger and thumb allow you to operate your iPod®, iPhone® or other touch screen device without removing your gloves.

Retractable, wind resistant/water resistant polyester hood offers on-demand weather protection. Use the hood to block wind during your runs-and conveniently tuck it away in the back of the hand when you don't need it.

Mesh palm maximizes circulation and venting management during aerobic workouts.

Soft terry cloth fabric on the back of the hand lets you quickly and easily wipe away sweat during your workout.

Low-light reflective piping keeps you safe and visible during early morning or dusk workouts.

MSRP: $25.00



Now this is one tough glove! It has a sweet exhale heating system that is really cool. As you blow in to the vent on the top of the glove you feel the warm air fill the glove. This is a great feeling when the weather is a bit frigid. This glove offers a great deal of protection against the elements as well. Nice glove to wear while doing most outdoor activities in the cold weather. This glove also has the Tec Touch so you can operate any touch screen without taking off your gloves.

If you want a more durable glove for all your winter activities, like snow shoeing, cross country skiing, or just hiking in the cold weather, you should check out this glove. I have been very impressed by what 180s has done with their new gloves.  The trouble I have is choosing which one to use. I have found myself using the UltraLite CRG the most for running and the Enduro for other activities. But I believe you will not be disappointed with either one of these gloves though.


Tec Touch™ pods on the index finger and thumb allow you to operate your iPod®, iPhone® or other touch screen device without removing your gloves.

Patented Exhale Heating System™ offers on-demand warmth; warm your fingers with a quick blast of breath — without taking your gloves off.

Padded synthetic leather palm patches enhance grip in cold weather and reduce vibration.

Neoprene knuckle padding and cuff provide maximum impact protection and comfort.

100% polyester insulation.

MSRP: $50.00