Gear Review: Saucony Women’s Running Gear

Saucony Running Shoes

When I go out for a run, there is nothing better than plugging in your tunes and simply hitting the pavement.  Let’s face it, when your shoes are uncomfortable, your cold, or you have no place to stash your tunes, any run can become simply annoying.  This is NOT the case with Saucony running gear.  Saucony was kind enough to let me test out three running pieces that I think you will Love!  Saucony Women’s Cortana Shoe, Women’s Transition Sportop II, and their Women’s Nomad Jacket.


Saucony Women’s Cortana($145.00) shoe seemed to push me down the road.  The shoe was designed to be supportive, yet still cushion your foot when it hits the pavement. I noticed this the moment I started running, before I had done any research on the shoe.  I felt like I was running in a cloud.  Now, after logging over 50 miles on the shoe, its cushioning system is still working wonders.

There are several other notable features that are noteworthy.  I loved the overall look of the shoe.  This particular shoe design won one of the best looking shoes in Women’s Running Magazine and I agree.  I also noticed the breathability of the shoe design.  This shoe is designed with Sauc-Fit™ technology, which means it is built to hug your foot.  When you are wearing a shoe that hugs your foot, you tend to sweat, but not in these.  They truly are some of the most comfortable shoes I have worn.  I would definitely spring for another pair when these wear out.moment I started running, before I had done any research on the shoe.  I felt like I was running in a cloud.  Now, after logging over 50 miles on the shoe, its cushioning system is still working wonders.

Not only was I able to have a great looking shoe to wear, but a great sportop as well.  Saucony Women’s Transition Sportop II($55.00) is a great looking top with extraordinary features.  Great for running in cooler temperatures, this top has been my standby for those brisk spring mornings.   Complete with thumb holes and a collar to zip up when the wind starts to give you a chill, yet vented in all the right places when your body starts to heat things up.  I have worn this in 50 degree weather, up to 70 degree weather and stayed comfortable.   This great top has a small zippered pocket on the right hip, perfect for carrying your credit card or small phone.  The only down side to this top is that I wish this pocket was a little bigger.  You would be hard pressed to fit any type of smart phone in this pocket.  I have a tough time shoving my MP3 player in and getting it zipped up while running, otherwise it would work great to carry around your ID, just in case, or some keys.

saucony_nomadLastly, I had the privilege of reviewing the Women’s Nomad Jacket($100.00).  This is a great jacket for the cooler temperatures.  Designed with a “windproof viperlite front panel with thermo-regulating drylete on the back and arms,” this jacket was a great running companion.  If you are like me, and have never worn a descent running jacket, you will be pleasantly surprised about the feel of this jacket.  I loved that it had vents in all the right places.  I stayed warm and cool at the same time.  This jacket is also fitted so you look great with it on.  The sleeves are long to help block the wind from your hands too, which is great if you forgot your gloves, but it also has two pockets to warm your hands, or stash your gloves if you get too hot.  Overall, it’s a great shell that is lightweight if you have to shed it and tie it around your waist.

Living in Salt Lake where the temperatures are always changing, these pieces worked wonders.  They are now available on their website.  Saucony Performance wear not only has great features, but they look great too, and when you look great, you feel great, and when you feel great, you run great!  “At Saucony, a good day is when we get to run. A great day is when we inspire someone else to run.” Happy Running!


Product provided for free by the manufacturer for review purposes.