Klymit Dash 10 Gear Review


I have now had the opportunity to review a few of the different sleeping pads that Klymit makes, but the Dash 10 is the first pack. The Dash 10 was designed for activities that require a fast and light pack. I have mainly used this pack while trail running but took it out on a few hikes. 

Klymit Dash 10 Shoulder Straps

The Dash 10 is a 10-liter pack that is big enough to hold extra gear and supplies for long runs or hikes. The shoulder straps adjust easily and have two sternum straps to help minimize movement while running. The shoulder straps have pockets that can hold water bottles, gels or any other item that you would like to grab quickly. I usually ran with one or two water bottles and gels and it felt great.

Klymit Dash 10 Airframe

One nice feature with this pack is the Airframe technology. This is the same technology that they have been using in the sleeping pads for years. This enables the user to customize the feel and stability of the pack by simply pumping in air. I really enjoyed this feature as I could pump it up and get a snugger feel on my back. The best part is how easy it is to add and release air for quick adjustments along the trail.

Klymit Dash 10 pump

The pack is a top loading pack with a pull string to close. It is easy to get in and out of the pack if things are needed. There is a dedicated pocket for a water bladder and port holes to run the tube. The pack doesn’t come with a bladder, but will accommodate one if you would like to add one. I never did as I preferred water bottles while running. This is also a pocket on the front of the pack for smaller items.

Klymit Dash 10 Top View

I found this pack to be perfect while running in the winter on trails. It was great as it held extra clothes, gear and food. I did however find the pack a little big as the temperature started to rise. I didn’t need as much extras as well as clothes in general. When wearing a jacket, this pack fit great, as I transitioned to running in just a t-shirt, I found that I was maxing out the adjustments. I couldn’t get the pack as tight against my body as I would like while running. Hiking on the other hand, this pack worked well any time. 

This pack was a great cold weather running pack for me, but as the temperatures have raised, I have opted for something smaller for trail running. My one suggestion overall you be to make the pack in a couple different chest sizes like other running packs for a more customized fit. But for quick hikes or even longer trail runs when more gear is needed this pack might be just the thing you are looking for. And at $79.95, it is a great price. 

MSRP: $79.95

Volume: 10 Liters

Weight: 15.5 oz / 7 kg