Hoka One One Speedgoat Gear Review

Hoka Speedgoat

The Speedgoat is not the newest shoe from Hoka One One, but I would definity take a look at it. I have run in a variety of different shoes but find myself grabbing for these on most trail runs. The Speedgoat are light, have great cushion and are extremely grippy. 

The Speedgoat name comes from the Speedgoat 50k that Karl Meltzer started here in my backyard in Utah. I have the great opportunity to run on many of these great trails that the course follows. If you know anything about this race you know that it is known for its steep climbs and descend and being a tough race all around. These shoes were designed to handle just that. 

Hoka Speedgoat

The first thing that I noticed about the Speedgoat was its traction. I don’t have any scientific evidence that these shoe stick better than other shoes, but I do know that they grip. I have run in slick conditions, dry desert landscapes and beautiful mountain trails and they have performed well in each. One of the things that I have joked about with others is how well they have gripped even on pavement. Sometimes after coming off a dirt trail and running on the pavement, I feel like they almost suction cup to the surface. Weird, I know, but they do grip.

Hoka Speedgoat Sole

The sole is thick like other Hoka shoes and provides a comfortable, cushy ride. They do provide protection from rocks and stumps. But be aware of long thorns. I was shocked but one run in Arizona, I ended up with a thorn in the bottom of my foot that was pushing all the way throw.

My biggest disappointment for this shoe is the narrow forefoot. I don’t have a wide foot in general but these can feel a little tight for the toes. If you have a wide foot you will definitely want to try these on before buying them.  

Hoka Speedgoat

When I received these shoes from Hoka, my first run was a 10 mile trail run with no problems. They felt great and I didn’t even feel a hot spot. I then did two more runs within next couple of weeks of 14 and 13.25 miles with the same great results. 

I have now put over 300 miles on the Speedgoats and they still feel great. The traction is almost as good as day one and the tread looks great. I plan on getting at least another 100 to 200 miles out of them. 

If you are in need of a new trail shoe, definitely check out the Hoka One One Speedgoat. I think you will love the cushion and traction that they provide on those long, technical trail runs. 

Fit: Medium

Surface: Trail


Weight: 9.70 oz

Offset: 5 mm

MSRP: $139.95