SPOT Global Phone

The SPOT Global Phone is a portable, easy-to-use satellite phone. This is the first satellite phone to be offered in major retail outlets and for recreational use. The SPOT Global Phone ensures users can connect with family, friends and businesses even when their adventures take them out of cell coverage. SPOT has focused on is making the call and voice quality high as well as making the calls with no noticeable time delays. With the availability of Express Data on most data plans, guaranteed data speeds of 9.6Kbps provide up to four times the data speed of most other mobile satellite data services and enable emails, file transfers, and basic services to occur at high-speed.

“Outdoor recreationists have come to appreciate SPOT as a brand that keeps them safe as they explore new ways of getting off the grid,” said Jay Monroe, Chief Executive Officer, Globalstar. “As the first satellite phone available in major retail outlets such as West Marine, REI and Cabela’s, SPOT Global Phone will not only provide a lifeline during these adventures, but an opportunity to connect with impeccably clear voice quality on a satellite network that is light years ahead of the competition.”

The SPOT Global Phone retails at $499 plus a required subscription service that starts at $24.99 monthly or as low as 25 cents per minute. I have also added an interesting map showing where SPOT devices have aided in rescues. 


SPOT Global Phone Features:

  • Compact size: 5.3"H x 2.2" W x 1.5"D
  • Lightweight: 7 ounces
  • Satellite-based technology
  • Superior voice clarity with no noticeable delay or echo
  • Backlit color display optimized for outdoor daytime viewing
  • Long-life battery: 4 hours talk time, 36 hours standby
  • Data capable enabling email and file transfers
  • Quick online activation, ten-digit dialing with local phone numbers
  • Ergonomic design
  • Lighted keypad
  • 911 emergency service access
  • MSRP: $499
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